Welcome to my new site

I've decided to take the beta release of Umbraco 7 as an opportunity to rebuild this site. The old site didn't really have much of value so I am starting with a complete clean slate. As I am also in the process of rebuilding the website for my non-profit organization (in addition to my regular hectic work and non-work activities), I will probably not have too much time to devote to coding this site. As a result, I've decided to start with the TXT starter kits for Umbraco 7. I expect to evolve the site from there, but in reality most of my spare time in the foreseeable future will be on rebuilding the World Organization for Positive Action site in Umbraco 7 using a brand new Twitter Bootstrap-based design. This site will probably always be fairly minimalist in design.

There is one other way in which this site is a new experiment for me. It is the first time I have used Windows Azure. I have a lot of experience working with various hosting infrastructures. At Flightpath I am responsible for recommending hosting for our clients. We have relied on our IT partner Dataprise for some of our hosting needs as well as working with Amazon Web Services, Liquid Web, Server Intellect, Rackspace and others. We have used Amazon Web Service virtual machines for years with a lot of success which is one reason I guess I never took the time to try out Windows Azure. So I finally decided to take Microsoft up on their monthly MSDN credits and give it a try.

So far I like what I see. At this point I'm running the site on an Extra Small VM and a small SQL Azure DB (or what ever they are calling it this week). Eventually I will try out running it as a Azure Web Site instead of a VM but for now I'm running it a VM instance from a preconfigured MSDN image with Visual Studio. At times I will resize it up while I do some development. But to save cost I'll probably keep resizing it down to the Extra Small size which seems fine so far for running a low-traffic Umbraco website. Resizing of course requires a restart, so if you happen to be trying to access my site and it's not available, sorry...