Creating an External Login Store for ASP.NET Identity for Umbraco

I recently published the Azure Table Storage External Login Store for ASP.NET Identity for Umbraco. As the name implies, it is an external login store for ASP.NET Identity for Umbraco. ASP.NET Identity for Umbraco is a package that allows the use of ASP.Net Identity to work with Umbraco members. This also means we can take advantage of OWIN middleware to external authentication using OAuth.

My new mailing list

I have created a mailing list (using MailChimp). If you are interested in receiving updates on my activities such as publications and presentations, please sign up at

Building multilingual sites in Umbraco with Vorto, Part 2

In my last post, I wrote about how I used Vorto and a custom ContentFinder to build a test multilingual site where each language is hosted as a subfolder on the same domain instead of separate domains. In this post I describe some modifications I’ve made to the ContentFinder implementation as well as a custom URLProvider so that internal links are correct.

Building multilingual sites in Umbraco with Vorto

I am currently planning out how to build a multilingual site in Umbraco. The site will be in English and Spanish, with 1:1 translation for each piece of content with a language picker that will link matching content for each page. Also, for SEO purposes, this will be hosted on a single domain with sub-directories for each language ( and instead of separate subdomains ( and

Securing Embedded Forms

A client recently asked if it is possible to embed a secure (HTTPS) donation form on their site with an IFRAME without using HTTPS on their site. My answer was it depends but it’s not a good idea. It is possible to have an IFRAME on an insecure page (loaded over HTTP) load content from a site over HTTPS. And while a form loaded from a secure (HTTPS) host will post over an encrypted connection, it is not a secure practice.

Using MailChimp with uSkinned Newsletter Signup Form

I am currently working on a new Umbraco site for The World Organization for Positive Action. I have chosen to use a uSkinned theme as it’s a great way to quickly implement a site. One of the features of the uSkinned theme is a newsletter signup form that integrates with Campaign Monitor. The World Organization for Positive Action, however, uses MailChimp for managing their email subscribers.

Migrating a database from Azure SQL Database to SQL Server 2008 R2

This is fairly simple, but most searches turn up info on migrating to Azure SQL Database and not to SQL Server. Besides having access to the Azure SQL Database and a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance, this requires the latest SQL Server Management Studio (I’m using SQL Server 2014 Management Studio).

Dynamically generated XML Sitemaps with Umbraco 7

XML Sitemaps are read by search indexes to inform them of the pages to be crawled. It is a simple standard format. It is a good practice, particularly for large websites, to have an XML sitemap to help ensure that all the pages on the site are discovered by crawlers.

My Favorite Dev Podcasts

Technology changes fast, so it is important for me as a developer to keep up with trends. As my home life has gotten busier thanks to my wonderful 1 year old daughter, I have less time outside of work hours to learn about new technology. So I need to make the most of my time.